Our Tourni-Cot ring is the original digit tourniquet. Tourni-Cots make it both safe and easy to occlude vessels during surgery. Tourni-Cot rings are simple to apply and exanguinate by exerting pressure as they roll proximally onto the digit. Once in place the ring applies reliable pressure to maintain a bloodless field, thereby improving the result of a procedure.

The Tourni-Cot is a non-pneumatic digit tourniquet used to temporarily control venous and arterial circulation to a digit.

All Tourni-Cots come individually packaged, sterilized and sealed in a Tyvek pouch. A warning label is attached to each ring. This warning label both identifies the device and provides a reference to the instructions for use.

Tourni-Cots are made from an elasticized silicone polymer, making them completely latex free, non-allergenic, and extremely durable. The Tourni-Cot is easily removed by severing the ring at its specially designed access notch.

Available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, the Tourni-Cot has been commonly used by surgeons, podiatrists, and in emergency rooms around the world for over 20 years.

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