Air Lock

 air lockxray final

Product Details

A complete system for joint preparation and fixation in the treatment of MTP pathologies, including hallux rigidus. Permits reduction, compression and locking of the 1st MTP joint in optimal position for arthrodesis.

  • Anatomical design –
    Plate configuration eliminates collision with plantar screw
  • 3mm thick titanium plate anatomically designed
    with 10° of phalangeal valgus
  • Compression hole enhances stability across joint
  • 4.0mm Cannulated Screw –
    Used in conjunction with the plate to provide additional plantar compressive fixation
  • Concave / Convex reamers – Facilitate precise joint surface contouring


  • Plate Design Eliminates Collision with Plantar Screw
  • 10° Anatomical Phalangeal Valgus
  • Compression Hole Enhances Stability Across Joint
  • Low profile Reduces Extensor Tendon Compromise
  • Trial Plates Included
  • Plantar Screw Visual Alignment Guide
  • Locking and Non-locking Screw Options

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