The CapFlex PIP has been developed to serve as a bicondylar surface replacement. The anatomical design of the prosthesis enables high primary stability, due in particular to the resulting large bony supporting surfaces. Since bone resection can be minimized during implantation, the collateral ligaments can be preserved, which in turn contributes to high postoperative stability. The form of the CapFlex PIP helps to stabilize the joint over its entire motion amplitude. This ensures significantly improved lateral stability, which is especially important for the index and middle fingers, as these fingers are subject to continuous lateral stress exerted by the thumb. And thanks to its short, non-cemented spikes, the CapFlex PIP offers perfect preconditions for revision procedures.

To enable secure step-by-step implantation, special instruments are available for the CapFlex PIP. In designing them, the focus was very much on easy and efficient handling. As a result, the size-specific instruments are consistently colour-coded. To distinguish clearly between the instruments needed for implanting the proximal and the distal components of the prosthesis, the ergonomically formed silicone handles are differently coloured and marked.

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